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Dante 1.1 And Delkin Get Engaged

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Feb 24, 2007
Great Britain
I'm not being funny Angel, but the first thing I want to see when coming to the forums of Devilmaycry.org is Devil May cry news, and actual threads where I like to get involved in. I don't want to see people lying about their Pictures, ages, where they work, making up an engagement thread and everything when they rush into things too much.

To be honest, I hate the fact that people are trying to meet over the Internet, I mean that might be a way, but look at the facts.

1. This is a Devil May Cry board.
2. People hate the fact that Dante 1.1/Sephiroth has been lying, and he is hated by most of us.
3. These are boards for Meaningful discussions.

Now, I mean as you said, people do have reasons to lie, and, you know, they shouldn't... I hate the fact that he is supposedly 22 and he is still hiding from any questioning.

I have had my say, for what it's worth.


Demon a$$-kicker
Aug 12, 2006
Yeah,I don't want to see threads where there are page after page just containing hopeless romantic ****...if they want to want to have a relationship there are various other ways to contact each other IMs,video conferencing,maybe meeting in person?Why do they have to fill half of our website with their not-so-thrilling romantic conversations?


Lost Soul
Jan 7, 2007
Most of what we say is off the boards. Anyway this argument is getting quite dated. Seriously guys everyone lies. He is sorry about upsetting everyone he really is and he's not the only one who spams on here. You may be mad at him but that's no reason to treat him like this. You may call me a fool and I don't care anymore. I love him deeply and want to be with him. Can't anyone just be happy for us instead of arguing about who's right and who isn't.

Itachi Uchiha

forget myself..
May 14, 2006
your imagnation
ok i get were your all comeing from.i have lied alot about how i look and what job i have and i told you all the trut if you don't know it then you didn't read what i said that day.no steven i haven't been hiding from any thing you wont to ask me you all just havn't asked me anything.ok now lisen am done with this i've said am sorry and i told you all the trut.am done with it if you pick not to belive me then that's you.but don't and i mean don't ever call me a cowerd.sorry if i didn't spell that right.me and dalkin are done hearing this bull **** if u wont to hate me then do it don't just say it damnit.that is all.


Is not rat, is hamster
Feb 24, 2007
For goodness sakes....right, I'm shutting this thread down coz it's a done deal and everyone is getting more than a little childish about the whole thing. I refuse to get into a debate about the moral standpoint regarding lying - quite frankly I don't give a toss.

And for the information of those who are getting ticked off with what they regard as spammy threads - so long as the thread is in the appropriate area, then there is no issue. This is general discussion - not DMC talk - therefore the thread belongs here. There has been a discussion and now it has reached an end. And Steven? You may hate the guy but as staff you should remain objective. Doesn't show a very fair attitude to members when you publicly voice your dislike of a person - you are staff and your job comes with a degree of responsibility.

Finally, I do not appreciate the blatant evasion of the swear filter. I do not care how annoyed you all are, rules are rules and there will be infractions heading for all who continue to behave like this.

Anyone has an issue with this, feel free to send me a PM.

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