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Dante 1.1 And Delkin Get Engaged

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The dark knight

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Mar 3, 2007
WHAT THE HELL!???!!!!???What lady said you barely know eachother!Its like marrying a stranger off the street!I cant believe this crap.Oh MY GOD guys.You dont even know eachother dammit!Its like me walking down a street and seeing a stranger and asking her to marry me!OKa enough with me rambiling.THough I still believe this is quiet....um...stupid to marry somebody you barely know.Congratulations.And try moving to the USA in the south its beatiful there.Especially in the spring and early summer in some places.Flowers everywhere and a beaytiful sunset.Even though I hate it all doesnt mean you cant enjoy it lol!EDIT:You know what.Nevermind the criticizing stuff.I did it before also.So hey Ill do it again.Any 11 12 year old girl singles here!?:lol: :lol:
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