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How could you say something so controversial yet so brave?
What's so controversial about my statement? There's only observation, conclusion and wish
Suggesting that "DMCV SE" is half-ass and incomplete is blasphemous around these here parts. Unless the consensus shifted. Again.
They've only added turbo, LDK and preset dmc4 vergil w/ couple new moves. For a SE this is pathetic. Even worse they still haven't invented "retry mission" option, which DmC nailed. And BP coop ofc which only dmc3 switch has
He just likes to be a provocateur. A lot of people know the SE is poor on content, it's not controversial indeed. Anyway, as some of the DE is basically PC mods, if you got DmC there you already have the "fix" for the color coding (BP only tho), the Vergil BP and additional skins, some of which are actually cooler than what the DE comes with, imo. Not the full DE experience of course, but better than nothing.